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Live Salesman's specialized Arabic live chat and email support services are very difficult to find in traditional call centers in Sharja or other UAE based call centers which typically only offer traditional phone support.Most Saudi Arabia call centers are not 24x7 and do not have specialized teams for Live Chat, Phone and E-mail support.In past a lot of our clients have migrated their UAE Call Centers (Call center based in Dubai and Abu Dhabi) to Live Salesman for the quality of service we deliver and the flexibility we offer.A very satisfied client moved his Saudi Arabia customer services and tech support team to Live Salesman because the product expertise and customer experience Live Salesman offers is unsurpassed.

Social chat via the telephone is the preferred social discussion platform in many countries as it has many advantages over on line internet chat even if it does have a cost associated with it.and therefore have an unparalleled understanding of the Arab culture and traits and characteristics of the Arab consumers.Our Arabic language call center agents not only communicate your product, service or message in Arabic but also make it linguistically and culturally appropriate to your target market.We deliver our Arabic language customer and sales support from India, which has a significant Arabic-speaking population with Arabic as their mother tongue.All our Arabic call center executives have studied in Arabic as school children and have also gone on to get college degrees in Arabic so they so they are guaranteed to have a good understanding of the latest language skills, evolving words and expressions in use.

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