Becky buckwild frank entertainer dating

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From battling with giant boxing gloves in a ring, suspended high above the ocean, to competing in a Big Boob Triathlon, to diving in an enormous mud pit in search of gold coins, the action and insanity is like never seen before.

Back again to guide these money hungry contestants is host Craig J. However it is not Craig that decides who goes home -- the power is in the contestants' own hands. And, once again, love interests will spark up and burn out faster than a match, under the powerful lure of money.

By the time the season 2 finale came around, he was really getting in on all the fun.

The contestants, meanwhile, are split into two teams.

In the end, Frank is most impressed by Felicia, Kerry, and Renee.

After the date, the women have a party outside in the hot tub.

The fifteen female contestants meet Frank Maresca and his parents.

This follow-up of New York Goes to Hollywood stars Tiffany "New York" Pollard as she tries to find a ...

See full summary » Every hour on the hour, Frank would require each girl to attempt to eat 1lb of spaghetti until completion or failure (vomit).

Cathy becomes inebriated, which upsets Frank, as he doesn't want her to wake up his parents.

Frank's mom discovers vodka in one of the water bottles, and accuses Mandy of placing it there.

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