Best friends dating best friends

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Here’s what I learned when they started dating: Don’t freak out.It’s natural to want to blow things out of proportion when you find out your friends are dating each other.How intimidating is it to ask about each other’s past relationship history when you first start dating? Since you’ve been in each other’s lives for a while, “meeting the family” isn’t quite as intimidating as it could be.You might have hung out with each other’s family, or even shared a semi-awkward meal with them, where your family asks you later “what’s up with you two?Probably even a lot of great ones if you really wanted to date this friend.

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We have amazing chemistry and a very good bond very strong bond but we continue to say we are just friends.

What if you got to skip that part when you start dating someone? You go into the relationship already knowing you have each other’s backs.

In a society that I feel gives up too quickly on relationships sometimes, I feel like dating someone who’s already in your life will give you that extra push to get through the hard times.

On one hand, I was very excited because they’re adorable together and they make each other very happy.

On the other hand, I was worried their relationship might come in between our friendships.

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