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Inside the most expensive restaurants and tea houses, as men conduct delicate business negotiations, geisha pour sake and keep the conversation flowing---at a cost of thousands of dollars." Being a geisha was one of the few ways a woman---or even a person---of “common birth could achieve wealth, status and fame.In the old days many geisha married influential samurai-turned-politicians and used their connections and skills to advance their husband’s careers.Part of the geishas training includes how to politely deflect offers of dates and unwanted advances.The virginity of geishas was sometimes auctioned off to the highest bidder in ritual known as ("husbands").[Source: Kate Elwood, Daily Yomiuri, May 24, 2010] Good Websites and Sources: Immortal Geisha ; Liza Dalby’s Geisha site ; Geisha, My Story ; E-Book: Working Women of Japan (1915), containing a section on Geishas ; A Maiko’s Account of Her Apprenticeship ; Geisha Photos ; Books: By Naoyuki Ogino (Kodansha International , 2007), the story of a teenage schoolgirl who become a geisha.Photos and Videos Good Photos at Japan-Photo Archive ; Maiko Gallery uk ; Photos of Gion Geisha ; Video of Maiko Putting on Make Up You Tube ; Geisha Dance Video ; Video of Maiko Going to Work You Tube ; Bookbrowse on the book Gion is the main geisha district in Kyoto . Gion Corner at Yasaka Kaikan Hall features a one-hour show with quick demonstrations of seven different traditional art forms: the tea ceremony, flower arranging, koto music, (traditionally comic drama), bunraku puppet drama and geisha-style women dances. For a more authentic look, complete makeovers are offered by the Japan Hairstyle Museum ( tel. Website: Bzzangent Links in this Website: GEISHAS ; GEISHAS AND THE MODERN WORLD ; CLASSICAL JAPANESE MUSIC ; JAPANESE FOLK MUSIC AND ENKA ; DANCE IN JAPAN ; HOLLYWOOD FILMS ABOUT JAPAN ; JAPANESE WOMEN ; TAKARAZUKA, JAPANESE ALL-FEMALE THEATER ; still alive in the 1990s.She has made herself into the image of the perfect woman, the embodiment of Japanese culture and refinement, a living work of art," wrote Jodi Cobb in National Geographic."Her business is to sell a dream---of luxury, romance, and exclusivity---to the wealthiest and most powerful men in Japan.

In the old days, there was often a distinction between geishas who worked as prostitutes and those that didn't.

The most well-known ones earned substantial incomes and influenced fashion and popular culture.

In a world where women were either wives of prostitutes, geisha lived in separate communities known as the "flower and willow world." Western fascination with geishas began when Japan opened up to the West in the late 19th century and was spurred on by a popular British musical play (1904), which wasn't about geishas but featured a woman thatdressed like one.

After World War II “geisha girl” became a slang term used by American soldiers to describe prostitutes.

Part of the Western fascination with geisha is rooted in the belief that they were highly decorated, high-class prostitutes.

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