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She has invited 12 people — all family — to celebrate with her and her partner, Andrew Fuller, at their comfortable home in South London.Yet she has made it clear that guests can only attend if they pay her £60 per couple for the privilege.We are a family of teachers, so my parents know that, while the salary isn’t extravagant, it is manageable!I did finally drag out of them that my dad would like some tools and my mom would like some cooking utensils.I have never encountered that level of selfish behaviour in my life! It would not matter if one has a Farrari or an old 82 volvo it is horrible to assume that your car is any more important to you than other cars are to their owners.

The day after New Years day, we had to drive 20 minutes into the closest large town to buy groceries.Until we got a HUGE stack of them in yesterday’s mail, some postmarked back to December 2nd.I guess our mailman was just hanging on to them for kicks?The post said, “I was wondering why we’d only received 4 Christmas cards all season.I started to think maybe our friends are family were being extra lazy this year.

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