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TWLine in '55 Days to Peking' where all the ambassadors have just had a meeting. One turns to the other as David Niven ( Brit Ambassador)leaves the room and says, " he's always made me think that God is an Englishman."In reply to Tricky's fairer sex stereotyping.. Any help on this matter would be much appreciated, very serious answers or tactical planning are not necessary :0) Tony (solo ad nauseum)I was drawn to this thread under a false impression... .(Eat my dust Bard)But blimey, a strong and dam' my eyes well constructed challenge for the affections of Locky from the colonies..... Bloody good effort chap Tony (Can hear the scream in Canada from here)Couldn't resist the challenge of a rhyme! I apologise and retreat with the advice of joining us at the next Cov Bash, where there should be a number of beautiful, intelligent, aviation-minded women. [ 04 January 2002: Message edited by: Aer Babe ]I say Pongo old chap that's impressive. Tricky's been at the game for years and he is still crouched down behind the couch trying desperately to persuade shut your gob to open hers, and she took a while to follow the bait too. Personally I find that German Girlies lve Brit Blokes German Girlies fathers (over a certain age) do not Tony :0) (Invader? Hell, I like the sound of that)Foolish chap, for the price of taking a lady out for a night, one can purchase a Jack Russel, for drinking companionship and interllectual conversation, and one of them inflatable ladies for the other. [ 04 January 2002: Message edited by: tony draper ]Since I am currently residing chez the ageing parent and despairing at his Jack Russel's lack of training (and doing something about said lack myself) I find myself wondering which is easier trained - the dog or the woman? <tin hat on> :)Dear Drapers, While I bow to your superior knowledge and hours,(Rumour has it u were at EFTS with Pontious), and while you have issued some sound advice in ur last Notam, the problem is, I am still a young man, with the sap rising and rising with nowhere to go. Incidentally, did you know that French girls immediately go on heat whenever they hear a Brit speaking pigeon French? Apparantly, our aczent eez zo zexy, zey cannot be stopping zemselves.

To this end, I am trying to decide, the best way to ensnar...... Pongo, and I turn to you, the forum, in this my hour of need. :) (* Drongo is an Aussie slang term....I don't explain it to you Pongo!!! I have to say it guys, she is the sort of woman that you want to phone your mother over. I have long Brown hair, brown eyes (Like heat treated rivets, so I have been told! To quote the phrase (with a twist): "My eyes are like spanners, everytime you look into them you will feel your nuts tighten!!! I am tearing my hair out here (not a good look)..suggestions??? ), size 10 (have to have the boiler suit specially tailored to follow all the inie and outie bits! I am wondering if the fact that this dog is male has any bearing whatsoever on my (so far) limited success..... Pongo Private Pilot, sorry to digress old chapbut I feel I understand the problem that nurse Mins puppy is having. Dear All, It has come to my attention, that once again, I appear to be without partner. So the princess won't yet get annointed He's promised to make her his queen. I noticed this particularly over the crimbo period, when I failed to be greeted by the usual cries of "What the 'ell time do u call this, are u drunk, you only think of yourself,you care more about blimmin aeroplanes than me" etc etc.

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