Hepatitis dating

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Most people with chronic hepatitis B can live active, full lives by taking good care of themselves and getting regular checkups.There are medicines for chronic hepatitis B, but they may not be right for everyone.See a health care provider as soon as possible if this happens.All people who have hepatitis B should have the hepatitis A vaccine.The disaster date is what prompts me to disclose to every potential ­partner: I had met someone and we clicked really well.As we were kissing, he looked at me and asked: “Are you clean?A combination vaccine that protects against both hepatitis B and hepatitis A (HAV) is also available.To avoid getting or spreading the virus to others: Hepatitis B immune globulin is sometimes given when a person has been in contact with blood or body fluids of another person who has acute hepatitis B.

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As long as you have the virus, you can spread it to others whether you have symptoms or not.

Symptoms can appear an average of 60 to 90 days after a person comes into contact with HBV.

Symptoms may include: If you think that you may have hepatitis B, contact your local health unit or your family doctor for further information.

The vaccine is free as part of routine immunizations for infants and children who are in grade 6 and who have not been given the vaccine before.

The vaccine is also given to teenagers and adults who have a higher chance of getting hepatitis B because of medical conditions, occupation or lifestyle.

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