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The successful social satirist must show a) how the average liberal is latently selfish and hypocritical, or b) how the average conservative fails to comprehend how trapped he is by the same system he supports.Nowadays, the "Rashomon Episode" is a staple of sitcoms since it lends itself well to comedy. Note that this is not simply "a work, or events in a work, that is shown from multiple character perspectives." Rashomon plots are about characters misremembering or outright falsifying details of what happened, and the "facts" of the different tellings of the story have to contradict each other in some way. A Sub-Trope of both Separate Scene Storytelling and Unreliable Narrator. This requires the vilification of innocent, anonymous, working-class people.If you want to damage the political left, you must skewer the left's bedrock myth—the idea that all people are equal and that people want to be good (which implies enforced fairness would make everyone's life better).

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