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The Glenanne cases involve the killing of 120 or more people in the 1970s by a gang composed of RUC, UDR, and UVF. The HET was tasked with examining 2,555 cases involving 3,260 killings. Hamilton also takes a swing at ‘the continuing political vacuum’ as a reason for not proceeding. Our useless invisible proconsul [James Brokenshire, NI Secretary of State] could allocate targeted funds for the past immediately. Unfortunately the Glenanne case is simply the most egregious example of the PSNI stalling, blocking, redacting, asking for Public Immunity Certificates, losing evidence and so on.The North’s Criminal Justice Inspection team found in 2013 that the total cost of the HET was £60 million. How could investigating the Glenanne gang cost so much? All you have to do is pick up Anne Cadwallader’s book, Lethal Allies and you will find the gang’s whole modus operandi, their weapons, their scenes of crime. Cadwallader makes a credible case without being paid £60 million. The HET was able to set up and get under way using retired detectives. Justice Treacy ordered an independent, ring-fenced body. Although Hamilton denies it, the inescapable conclusion is that the PSNI is preventing truth emerging but searching for delays and pretexts to protect State interests.On December 15, we had a lengthy self-serving epistle from the chief constable explaining why he is going to appeal a High Court order commanding him and his force ‘to expeditiously honour its enforceable public commitment to provide an overarching report into the Glenanne group of cases’.This to be done independently, expeditiously and with ring-fenced funding. Justice Treacy issued such an order is that on July 28 he quashed the PSNI decision to abandon the HET inquiry into the notorious Glenanne-based police/UDR murder gang and ordered an independent investigation.We urge everyone who is racing triathlons, or who has aspirations to race triathlons, to be a part of the team and represent the Department at races.We have coaches available to assist with your training and other resources to help you have a successful season. Train with the group locally at swim, bike, run sessions & clinics, or join the crew at our multi day camps in Lake Placid and New Paltz in the spring and summer.However, the victim, in her 20s, had identified him in court and said there was “no doubt in her mind” that Poff was the culprit. Poff, from Mayfield, Lower Kilmacud Road, Stllorgan, was also found guilty of public drunkenness. The case was before Judge Patricia Mc Namara for sentencing after she ordered a probation report.

The major aspect which has crystallised dissatisfaction in recent months is failure to deal with the past in ways which obstruct dealing with the past.

During the trial, the victim told Tallaght District Court that someone grabbed her from behind. He leaned over me and said ‘give me your t**s’”, she said. Get your f***ing hands off me.” She accepted in cross-examination there were “probably” a lot of men wearing black t-shirts as well as Poff that day.

“A very unpleasant incident may have occurred but it was not my client who was involved,” defence solicitor Tom Honan said. “I found him to be highly intoxicated,” Sgt Trevor Scanlon said of Poff.

People living in mixed districts and some Nationalist districts are deeply unhappy with the failure of the police to deal with loyalist flags and paraphernalia.

The police have completely failed to deal with loyalist paramilitaries who still despoil working-class Unionist districts, prey on businesses and prevent investment.

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