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and 20 days) was found in the 18 Henry Co., Alabama census and Dale Co 1880 Dale Co., Alabama census. Albert Gallatin [email protected], December 29, 1997 This Bible was the first Bible my mother owned as an adult. When her sister, Laura Inez, turned 65, she needed proof of age so Mary tore the pages out of the Bible and sent them to her.If you would like more info, please contact the Escambia Historical Society, P. Box 276, Brewton, AL 36427 or by email at Bible Records. Hughes 2/7/1860 Marriages Margaret Elizabeth Hughes to Archibald and had their first two children. In 1819, on May 20, Richard purchased land in Lawrence Co, Alabama Territory, Sec. ) ): These pages are probably only a portion of the Bible; however, it supplies very valuable information. Dicey Caroline Hcndon Evans 7/10/1857 Marion Co., Ala. and Tabitha Postell) James Joshua Ward Postell was born 27 April 1826 (son of J. Births Emily Lucile Schurter May 13, 1898 Neoma Elsie April 1, 1899 Henry Raymond May 26, 1901 Annie Vivian March 2, 1904 Mildred Beatrice April 20,1906 Alama Olean April 27 1908 Alfred Dyer November 1, 1910 Gordon Lee April 6, 1913 Herman Houston December 9 1917 Mary Catherine September 5, 1920 (living) Marriages Margurite Bolen and Henry Schurter married July 17, 1925 Clifton Beagle and Vivian married September 7 1928 Dennis Burnette and Mildred married May 25, 1929 Deaths Emily Lucile Schurter May 21, 1898 (in Gerogia) Gordon Lee Schurter April 4, 1914 Herman Houston Schurter July 3, 1919 Henry Raymond Schurter March 30, 1935 (buried in Jackson, Alabama) Henry R. Charles Butts) John Elijah Postell was born 3 March 1828 (son of J. Schurter and Alma Dyer married Stanton, Alabama November 27, 1895 (After their marriage, they lived in the Atlanta area until c 1901 at which time they returned to Stanton, Alabama). Postell) William Francis Postell was born 16 November 1809 (son of James C. Green) John Cummings Postell was born 7 June 1815 (son of James C. Our precious husband and father has gone to rest in the paradise of God, blessed (? Written by his wife in sorrow and stricken companion on May 15th, S. Escambia Co., AL Typed and submitted by Lygia Dawkins Cutts, 1999. Postell) William Postell was born 1797 (brother of James C. died Lordsday, May 11th, 1902 at 11 AM, aged 73 years, 3 months and 21 days. Mirgrated to Perry Co Alabama married 22 July 1830.

Bible of Benjamin & Mary at "His Majesty's Special Command". A cousin had had saved theses papers and notes and reciepts dating back to 1844.

April 20 - 1923" " Nannie Lee Metts Donaldson, B'ham, Ala. I am posting this information though in hopes that it might be of some help to anyone researching this family. Nancy Lucinda Hendon Harris 12/13/1911 Clay Co., MS.

Hamilton Salt Lake City, February 12th 1942." It was Contributed by Mrs. and Tabitha Postell) John Glenn Postell was born 7 December 1811 (son of James C. and Tabitha Postell, Baptized by James Jenkins) Margaret Jane Postell was born (dau. The following Bible pages do not contain much information.

born May 1, 1921 BIRTHS [Blacks]: Washington Eadys 2 February 1822 Auston Patiences ch. 1843 Lucy Bitsy's 8 Sept.1843 Wesley May's 8 Sept.1845 Davis Bitsey's Oct.1845 Levy Polly's Oct.1845 Simon Luisa's Dec.1845 William Summer's Feb.1846 DEATHS William W. From North Carolina Benjamin and Mary moved their family to Georgia in the late 1780's. Hendon 7/21/1851 Dicey Caroline Hendon 3/9/1864 Joseph D.

They settled in the Wilkes/Oglethorpe/Greene/Taliaferro area between 17. Hendon 11/25/1852 George Abraham Hendon 12/31/1865 Nancy Lucinda Hendon 1/17/1855 Ulysia Booker Hendon 8/13/1868 Sarah Lovle Ann Hendon 12/29/1856 Julia Rebecka Hcndon 8/13/1868 Mary H.

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