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They like large aquariums just like any other fish.

Just because they come in small little tanks or containers doesn’t mean that’s what they like to live inside.

He gets food when it’s all wet and he breaks all thorough the day and eats. I had a lot of issues naming my male betta just because it seemed like every name I liked just didn’t suit him.

But at the end of the day the plate is super clean. – A new addition – blue-black-red Rose tail halfmoon – almost dying when I brought him home. Maybe that sounds stupid but I’m a big believer in a name suiting a person or animal that holds it.

Your 10 gallon aquarium is going to be a perfect size for your fish and he will love his environment.

I’d like to congratulate you with a good job because you are part of the crowd that allows the beta fish to have a larger environment than most.

He can flare to others but not very often, Quiet guy, but loves food, but not lazy. – Black-red Double tail Halfmoon — — mixture of garnet and dark lapiz color, more black shade of blue.

And here I am looking for a good name so I can call my beta fish really spectacular name.

Actually a 10 gallon aquarium isn’t too large for a beta fish.

Most people will just go out and buy a flower vase and call it good and throw up data inside of it and it’s really not a good environment.

Flower vases are incredibly small for a beta fish and they are not properly designed because a beta fish actually breathes from the surface.

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