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This stems back to the unparalleled pride that the French have about their country.

They truly believe that everyone should speak French and that France is the best nation in the world, and they can’t believe that anyone would think otherwise.

By this same logic, do get ready to nod and smile, as French men are always right. Even when they’re quite clearly wrong, they’ll still argue their side of the argument to the death. If there’s a language barrier, you soon realize how petty it is to pick small arguments because of the length of time it would take to explain what was wrong.

And making the effort to put it into different words just makes the problem seem much less important.

But for an expat or visitor to Paris, dating French men can be an entirely different experience, challenging the tactics you’ve spent years perfecting.Do get ready to hear “Je t’aime.” As French men are fast moving in relationships, you could be dating one for only a few weeks before you hear these magical words.And after they’ve been said once, expect to hear them several times a day.With the help of generous loans from the collections of the Fondation Napoléon, the Cité de la Céramique, the Musée Carnavalet and several private collectors of Empire porcelain, this exhibition aims to revaluate the key role of the Lorraine-born Louis Victor Gerverot (1747-1829), Director of the Royal Manufactory of Fürstenberg, as the first to introduce the new Empire style to Germany.The exhibition is accompanied by a beautiful catalogue with contributions by Guillaume Nicoud, Virginie Desrantes, Olivier Baustian and Heinrich Jobst von Wintzingerode.

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