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If you can, try to get some rest to prepare you for the work ahead. During early labour, you may feel hungry so eat and drink if you feel like it.

After spending this much time wiping a butt that isn't my own and all but breathing for this furry infant, I can confidently say that whenever I was going to have babies in my life has now been pushed back at least five years.My boyfriend started taking 20 minutes showers to, I think, nap in secret. Maybe in your relationship pre-pup, it was clear which person took themselves and life more seriously.You think you know what it's like to survive on no sleep until you actually do it, and I will tell you what: It is not pretty, and it will take a new level of effort and self-control to not take it out on one another. Maybe one of you is better at following the rules, is more disciplined or has greater willpower overall. The first time your puppy understands they're in trouble might just break your dark, black heart.In your pup's first few weeks home with you, you will also need to make a few regular vet check-ups and teach it the basics of how to survive on this crazy, wild rock we call Earth. This will force you and your partner to take turns, schedule out your days, hours, minutes and tag team the effort. You will also be handling things like chew toys, puppy food, eye boogers and mouth slobber which, amazingly, all smell the same.It will become clear very quickly who — if anyone — is carrying the brunt of the work. They might roll around in it, they might track it all through your apartment or they might step on it without you realizing it before you put them on your couch and then it's too late. Inevitably, you will find that your dog's mouth and butt have somehow, through the transitive property or otherwise, touched everything in your house.

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