Pocket dating

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And frankly, it’s nearly impossible to meet someone new when the (stretched) radius of your circle of friends only extends out from “finance” to “consulting.” While consulting bitches do tend to be kind of freaky, I figured that it’d be nice to see what a fashion designer, PR chick, or a model would have to say about my new, elevated post within the business world. IIT really needs to open a school for cabbies, because these Sanjays we’re getting really aren’t up to snuff.

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Have you ever been stricken by a paralyzing fear that keeps you from approaching women you would love to meet?

Instead of going out on a roadshow, the banks and management teams (now dumb, hot chicks) were coming to me–perhaps the only situation in which the notion of being a commercial bank, mutual fund, or insurance company is not totally repulsive.

Let’s consider a few standouts: And this went on for about an hour.

And then, just when the 5 glasses of red wine were pleading for release and my patience for stupidity were wearing thin, I met . She told me her name was Lauren, and we shook hands.

She was delicate about it, and I pinched just firmly enough that I could see her shudder visibly as my general vibe of badassedness flushed through her body—a svelte one draped in a gold gown.

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