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This rapid expansion of capacity has been accompanied by persistent concerns as to the quality of higher education in the country, and it is widely acknowledged within Vietnam and among international observers that the system requires significant improvements in both the standards of its programmes and outcomes for graduates.A World Bank project briefing from 2009 highlights some important challenges with respect to employability of graduates and quality controls in the rapidly expanding Vietnamese system, noting that, “Building a higher education system in Vietnam that is innovative, responsive to the demands of the market and of high quality is essential to the economic growth and development of Vietnam.” Vietnamese higher education is now struggling with a range of structural and systemic challenges.Much of the growth in the system since the year 2000 has been in the form of private-sector institutions, particularly smaller colleges with more narrowly focused curricula.Tertiary enrolment has also grown significantly over the same period.“There are national universities, regional universities, research institutes, academies, comprehensive universities, specialised universities, technical and vocational colleges, teacher training colleges, community colleges and professional-secondary schools.” Given the rapid growth of higher education since 2000, and the acknowledged challenges vis-à-vis academic quality, the government has signaled its intention to focus on reining in some of this complexity: consolidating the current system, strengthening existing institutions, and improving system administration and quality controls.In recent years, the Ministry of Education and Training has moved to cap class sizes and has expanded scholarship support for advanced studies abroad at the master’s and Ph D level.Vietnam’s higher education system has grown quickly over the last 15 years.Between 20, an average of eight new universities and 12 colleges were established each year, leading to a total of 163 universities and 223 colleges by 2010/11.

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World Education News and Reviews Although the pace of Vietnamese enrolment growth has slowed since 2010, there are a variety of reasons why the country remains a key market for institutions seeking “to diversify their international student body” including: (WENR).

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post outlines, there are a variety of reasons why Vietnamese students choose to study abroad, including “the generally poor quality of secondary and post-secondary education in Vietnam.” The United States and Australia are the leading study destinations for Vietnamese students, accounting for nearly 40% of the 106,104 Vietnamese students studying abroad in 2012.

It also signalled at the time its intention to strengthen administrative and regulatory structures for higher education.

Most recently, Prime Minister Nguyen Tan Dung has announced a freeze on new international collaborations to open or expand universities until 2020.

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