Quiet women intimidating

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10/10 I was very lucky to stumble upon a vintage bottle of this juice (black bottle). Patchouli, Iris and a small hint of rose is present in the first six hours. The lid looks nice in the photo but reality is much worse. So I would buy it just for a reasonable price in sales.The smell reminds me of water, or as some would say an Ocean Candle or room spray. This would be best worn in mid summer during the day. I remember walking through David Jones in Sydney around 10 years ago, and having the Sisley consultant wave me down to try this fragrance.

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It is a perfume with a tremendous personality, although not agressive, and very sumptuous, although not vane.

I am a male who has been hijacked by this female beauty of a scent and since Karma is sweet here, I have planned to surrender and stay a prisoner and never let go of her, in return to be filled with her charm, wisdom and everlasting beauty she throws back!

She is a drug, very addictive, and once tried, you will never want to be without her, once your bottle has dried to it's last drop you will walk past your favorite fragrance shop and she will call you, might even tempt you just like Eve did to Adam. Count Hubert d'Ornano knew exactly what he was creating to satisfy his Countess Isabelle d’Ornano when he gave her Eau Du Soir as a gift, a little bird told me that Count Hubert d'Oranano himself used this scent as much as his Countess did! I can imagine wearing it because it is fresh and feminine.

This scent has depth and dimension, it's sexy, sultry and seductive in the classiest way possible. It is an absolute subtle luxury; a more elegant, refined and *effervescent* marriage of vintage Aromatics Elixir and Paloma Picasso! After quite a while it was a spicy bliss, one of the best I have tried. It was not at all that difficult in the beginning, but it was also not as delicious in the base.

This perfume makes a statement and isn't easily forgotten! MY WIFE'S STATEMENT I loved wearing perfumes all my life. I still love it, but it is not as good as I remember.

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