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The star of “Saturday Night Fever,” “Grease” and “Pulp Fiction” got into trouble with his island neighbors about a decade ago for buzzing the island with his private jet, which he pilots himself.But lately, Travolta and his actress wife Preston (“Jerry Maguire,” “Twins”) have been lying low.And Storybrooke, Maine, from ABC’s re-boot, starring Octavia Spencer, is going to do with the residents of sleepy Cabot Cove.)I’m not sad to see this moment pass.It’s had some really fabulous consequences, to be sure—small businesses have boomed up there, and the restaurant scene in Portland, Maine, is now second to none.

But today, in a world driven by You Tube and Twitter, the most powerful status may be that of celebrity.It was a sort of generic East Coast mishmash, some combination of a boozy country club in South Carolina and a family compound in Hyannis (also boozy, probably).But then something happened early last year, and the looks in the J.It’s like opening a restaurant in Williamsburg and calling it Short Hills.)It was kind of fun watching this happen—as though suddenly everyone in America developed an affection for your favorite aunt. That wasn’t really what I remembered finding in the general store in my dad’s rural town of Stoneham (population: 250). It’s kind of weird and scrappy and simple, actually.It’d be cool if the first Monday of every month were “Aunt Helen Day,” at least for a while. Bean included, had set up booths in a giant garage and were selling everything from rugged flannels and earflap hats to saddles and benches made of re-claimed pine planks. The plaid button-downs and the river-guide shirts were as itchily familiar to me as the smell of a leaf pile in the backyard. The thing that this fashionable trend missed about Maine is that as a state, it’s not fancy. The average general store (which, yes, is a thing, but not in the charmingly precious way these brands seemed to imagine) is much more likely to display a wide variety of pickled foodstuffs swimming in off-yellow jars—eggs, pigs’ feet, ears—than it is hand-knit scarves.

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