Updating ps2 firmware

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Buttons 1 through 12 will play memories when momentarily depressed.To have a memory autorepeat (such as for doing a repetitive CQ), hold down the memory button and tap the left paddle.The keyer has a serial Command Line Interface (CLI) using the built in Arduino USB port or AVR serial port.This is enabled by uncommenting this line in keyer_features_and_options.h: #define COMMAND_LINE_INTERFACE Simply connect to your computer and use a terminal program such as the Arduino serial port program or Putty.

It’s open source code so you can fully customize it to fit your needs and also perhaps learn from it or find coding ideas for other projects.

To enter command mode, press button 0, the command button and you will hear a “boop beep”, after which you can enter various commands by sending character using the paddle.

(Note that if you’re in bug or straight key mode, you will temporarily be switched to iambic in command mode.) If you enter a bogus command or the keyer didn’t recognize the character you sent, it will send a question mark, upon which you can retry your command.

A circuit board and parts kits called the nano Keyer is available from DJ0MY, and Hamshop offers a kit called Open CW Keyer which uses this software.

Remote QTH also offers the Open Interface which runs this code. Note: Ignore the numbers on the outside of the Arduino symbol and refer to the numbers within the box for pin connections (i.e.

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