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picture picture picture picture picture September 29 2017 7 Course Renaissance Luth, Model Wendelio Venere 1592 made in 2017 by Baptiste Guillemin Great sound and playability, the lute is curently strung with nylgut and copper with nylon treble Lightly historical constructed with a 590 mm string length Spec tech - AAA Europeen Spruce top with ebony edging - G. This rare instrument is perfect for song accompaniment with counter tenors and is surprisingly easy to play thanks to the perfectly low action hence the string length of 67. The low action and perfect string spacing make this lute very comfortable to play. Recently serviced: New frets and some minor work to replace the two highest gut frets with wooden frets. Now I do not play anymore, so that's why I'm going to sell this instrument. Copy of the "Fecit" model in the Boston Museum, 1830. The lute was made by an English maker living in Adelaide. It is at a concert standard and would suit any professional player.

Please call 3449 or email me: [email protected] 25 2017 8-course Renaissance lute, Andres Sender, Sacramento, CA; 1998. The sound is exceptional in quality and very well developed in all registers. Bright, very clear and sweet sound with strong projection. great for beginner and student level - great for vihuela, but it can be tuned and string as baroque guitar if you do not have enough money to buy both of instruments. I played this instrument professionally in theatre play and it was really amazing sound. [email protected] picture picture picture picture picture picture picture picture January 12 2017 Panormo model Romantic guitar by Bernie Lehmann and Jeff Cole, 2016. 1860 630mm string length 954mm total length Tuner stamped VR The guitar is in very good original condition. For more information and photos please contact: [email protected] picture picture picture picture picture picture October 12 2016 10-course lute after Venere (65cm) by Stephen Murphy. At the moment in Helsinki, but I can also bring it to anywhere in Germany. Curly ash body, neck/fingerboard in spanish black walnut. Built in 2016 and visible in Almeria (Spain) with soft case Price: 2400€ Including VAT. Phone: 0034 629012929 picture October 2 2016 Seven course lute, 60cm string length.

Price reduced - ,100 USD, (00 CAD) obo (shipping excluded) More photos and sample recordings available on request. Bozhinov [email protected] picture picture picture picture picture picture July 6 2017 with a price update August 28 2017 Baroque Guitar made by Dan Larson. tab=album&album_id=1285830578117937 in perfect condition, please feel free to ask about more information.

The instrument is in Vancouver, Canada, but can also be seen and bought during the Lute Society of America Summer Festival at the University of Victoria, Canada, August 6-12, 2017. The lute is constructed of pine wood for the top and maple and rosewood for staves. email: [email protected], for photos etc. Ph.0484332428 September 22 2016 6 course Vihuela da mano by Lourdes Uncilla Vilela (2006) extremely light and quick, with good projection and very comfortable to play. Maple back and sides, spruce top and ebony fingerboard Wonderful mother of pearl inlays on the front and back and comes with a Manzano made to mesure hard case. Price (with case): 3500 EUR The instrument is currently in Lyon For more info and pictures please contact Ulrik Gaston Larsen : [email protected] picture picture picture picture picture picture picture picture September 17 2016 Theorbo by Anatoli Gundilowicz 2016 76 / 151cm https://

Contact: Mike Hawrylycz Seattle, WA [email protected] picture picture September 5 2017 10-course bass lute in D made by Jason Petty in 2016 75 cm string-length tuned in D (415) 11 ribs of figured maple with ebony veneered neck and pegbox, pear tuning pegs Nylgut trebles and copper overwound basses. email: instrumentorium(at)picture picture picture picture picture August 28 2017 8-course Renaissance lute after Hieber, by Ray Nurse (2014), 61 cm. String length : 66,5 cm Tuned like a baroque guitar but with a low A : Aa - Dd - gg - bb - e Original rose in walnut and peer woods. Spruce top, curly maple vaulted ribs, walnut fingerboard, maple neck, ebony pegs and black coloured bridge. Val di fiemme's red spruce soundboard, rosewood ribs with holly spacers, maple neck and extension painted (extension is rosewood veneered on top), ebony fingerboard and pegs, pear and ebony bridge. It comes with a RCH wooden case and a Musicover waterproof hard bag. Anyway, it's located over the junction and it doesn't reach the vibrant surface so it's not a problem for the sound quality. [email protected] picture picture picture February 8 2017 14-course archlute by Michael Schreiner, 2008 after Tecchler 15-rib ebony back with white holly spacers, neck veneered in ebony and blood wood, and extension edged with white holly. 7,500 USD Pictures: https:// M87z FKuk Ht MR76qwkmfa? [email protected] 26 2017 Simple but such beauty 13c Baroque Lute. Verboam-style with ornate rosette and mustache bridge decoration. I have played this guitar in solo, chamber and orchestral settings for years and it has served me very well in all cases. The perfectly working tuning pegs are made of very white holly.

Spruce top, ebony veneered neck and pegbox, inlaid heart, back of 13 maple ribs. This lute comes with a crappy plywood case, but it is the best-fitting crappy plywood case I have ever seen. 00 includes a custom Kingham case, restringing in Nylgut (or spare set of new Nylgut strings) and shipping/delivery to lower 48 USA. Louis, MO [email protected] with this guitar (#1 audio: solo, #2 audio: orchestral & chamber setting, #3 video: chamber) youtube youtube youtube picture picture picture picture picture January 18 2017 Vihuela / baroque guitar made by one of the best luthiers - Jaume Bosser in Catalonia, Spain - september 2014. Rochester, NY, 14607; [email protected](585) 902-8663 picture picture picture picture picture December 30 2016 2013 Chad Neal archlute; 67/140, 6 8/7 7; rosewood ribs, after C36. Excellent condition, comes with velvet lined Kingham case. 60 cm string length Very fine instrument and nicely sounding. v=jj3_n Ti UKEU Link to Photos https://goo.gl/photos/BTEnns Ff Lpg HYMgc6 Lute is now in France (Poitiers-Niort) Contact : Valéry Sauvage [email protected] 25 2016 10-course lute Built in 1997 by Claude Guibord. So it is a very unique combination between the two models.

If you are looking at instruments to buy be aware that people don't always tell me when they sell their instrument. Cypress vaulted back and sides, cypress neck and pegbox spruce top. Nice transparent sound, good projection and playability. The theorbo was made in 2014 by Christo Georgiev and works equally well on 415 and 440 Hz, suitable for both continuo and solo repertories. Copy of Gennaro Fabricatore guitar from 1822 in the University of Edinburgh Museum. This guitar would suit a serious (professional) player, preferably for non nail-players , due to the low action (because of no raised fingerboard).

If the instrument has been listed for over a year there is a 50 percent chance that it is sold. Don't accept a check for more than the value of the instrument plus shipping! Note - Aug 2008, I just got the first advertisement from a "Nigerian" trying to sell a guitar. v=6t_TV8Imn TI Asking price: 2700 euro For more info please contact: yavorusmagnus AT December 19 2017 6 course vihuela de mano in g, by Francisco Hervás (2014). Mahogany back and sides, cypress neck and pegbox and spruce top. Price (including case): 3500 Euros Here is the one: can be seen in Madrid. v=La Tb FY9ekys beautiful 6-course lute made by the prestigious maker Ivo Maguerini (2014) for sale. String length 640mm, back length 448, widest part of the body 296, nut width 45, string height at the 12th fret 3.25 (6st string) and 3.00 (1st string).

I am asking for 4600€ without possible shipping from Finland. The guitar is used but in excellent condition, fully functional and perfectly in tune. Spruce Top with nice Pearwood/Ebony decoration, Back and Sides Maple. Unverdorben model made in 2011; 66.4 cm string length. Mick Heayes, Verwood, Dorset, England £350, contact me on [email protected] 07975 533603 July 25 2016 Renaissance Lute (ARIA/Yamaha lutier circa 1975) Great condition, 7 Course - 0 or best offer For sale by owner. String lengths 76/106cm, great instrument for late baroque area e.g. Nylgut stringing, 415 Hz Price including case: 3.150 EUR Lute can be seen and tried in Germany (Cologne or Stuttgart area) Interested? String length 60cm, currently at A 440, nylgut strings and new frets. All three are new instruments, in mint condition held in the workshop since they were made. It's unique and the only one of it's kind by look and construction, thanks to careful combinations and architecture calculations and examinations, along with x-ray scans of constructions, of a wide range of instruments(lutes, baroque guitars, violins, viola da gambas...) Crafted with a combination of the finest quality Bosnian spruce, maple and plum wood which, along side with ornaments and engravings gives the instrument it's beauty,uniqueness and warmness in sound. Extremely comfortable, great projection and typical italian sound. Price (including case, excluding shipping): 1500 € Contact: gonzalo1004es(at)picture picture picture picture January 28 2016 An original 19th century guitar, including a label by a Pupil of Lacote c1820 for sale stamped: 'Marotel' on the neck-block. converted by Legros De La Neuville around 1820s from wooden tuning pegs to tuning machines.

picture picture picture picture picture picture picture picture picture December 11 2017 Baroque Guitar based on Antonio Stradivari, made by Luciano Lovadina in Treviso (Italy) in 1987, new fingerboard, new bridge and restoration by Antonio Dattis in 2017. Spruce top, rosewood pegs and ebony fingerboard, flamed maple back and neck. Back of 11 ebony ribs, striped with golden rosewood; ebony fingerboard; ebony veneered upper neck; spruce soundboard with triple rosette. Price: 4800 € The instrument is located in Rome, Italy Contact: [email protected]: 39 373/7595748 picture picture picture picture picture November 18 2017 10-course lute by Michael Schreiner. v=TP3wh877H24 but I'm a novice player so I've twanged a bit 'coz I'm used to guitars. Price: 4000eur with hardshell case The instrument is located in Geneva, Switzerland [email protected] 5 2016 14c baroque lute (swan neck type) by German luthier Matthias Wagner in 1995. Built in April 2001 and with velvet lined Kingham case. May 7 2016 8 Course Renaissance Lute 1995 built by Kenneth Wryn 9 Yew ribs with ebony spacers; String Length 60.3cm Ebony fingerboard. Recently rebuilt Deluxe custom hard case included Contact [email protected] OBO US picture picture picture picture picture May 3 2016 13 course baroque lute (string length over fingerboard=70 cm), 14 course baroque lute (string length over fingerboard=70 cm) and 14 course chitarrone (93/168 cm) by Tihamer Romanek. Top: Hand selected Bosnian Spruce Back and rest: Fine maple Details, pins and ornaments: Plum tree wood Natural authentic glue The lute is in perfect condition. Perfect condition, only owner, spruce top, maple back and sides, 650mm scale length. With a handwritten label which reads: Legros, luthier, ex ouvrier de Mr Lacote de Paris (trans: Legros luthier, former worker of Mr Lacote of Paris) Select maple back and sides, with hazelfichte figured spruce soundboard - stunning looker.

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