Who is sophia bush dating right now

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"We are certainly trying to figure out how to interject those moments but also, these are professional people," she said."They're not at work to flirt, they're at work to work." However, it sounds like things are looking up for the couple as the series heads into the final episodes of season three.The hour set up new tensions between Voight and his boss (Esai Morales) as well as the new independent auditor, his old partner Denny Woods (Mykelti Williamson).

There appears to be tension between Hank and the auditor, Denny Woods, at the end of the episode.So it felt right to acknowledge this new reality in the premiere. What makes him open up in such a way about her leaving? The case at the center of the episode is a big one for Halstead.We also see Voight getting emotional when talking with someone about Lindsay leaving Chicago. Voight is a complicated character who has a hard time opening up to friends and colleagues. The woman he meets with in the premiere is more of a surrogate therapist than a professional psychologist. Why, out of everyone in the unit, did you decide to have him be the one to accidentally shoot and kill a little girl?The first new season five footage also hit hard on her exit, first with Halstead going back to her now-empty apartment and finding a picture of the two of them together, and then with Voight telling a stranger about how difficult it was to say goodbye to the woman he thought of as a daughter. "Look, it was time for her to move on," Voight told him.Even as Halstead dealt with the blowout from accidentally shooting a little girl during a bust, he asked Voight if he had heard from Lindsay. "You need to make peace with it." And with that, the new — after all the season premiere is titled "Reform" — got down to business.

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