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A magical place where dreams come true and babies are made!Join You Tubers Pewdiepie and Cinnamon Toast Ken weekly as they explore their feelings and other unknown mysteries of the universe. Action, drama, suspense, the Bro Ken Podcast has it all! I’m sure most of you forgot about this project, formerly titled “Let’s Date the Creatures.” It has now been renamed “Let’s Date Cow Chop.” Why?It was odd for he didn’t require me to bring a dress.He had took the liberty of buying me one without informing me and he had hid it to me to this very day.“James, when can I see the dress you brought me?

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He diverted his eyes away from the computer screen and looked at me with a grin.

Now, what does this mean for the previous versions of the game? That means you can still find older versions if you dig through the blog, including versions with Sly.

I have no plans to delete these versions unless one of the people portrayed in the games has a problem with me leaving them up, but so far those featured in it (save Aleks) have liked what they saw.

So be warned if your a bit squeamish, might wanna steer clear of this one.

It's kinda gory and insane due to the fact it's inspiration was oingo boingo's song insanity.

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