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The word 'Sunduk' in Russian means 'chest' or 'trunk' which explains how the place got its modern name.'For many years I tried to unravel these mystery 'chests', said Professor Vitaly Larichev, of the Institute of Archaeology and Ethnography at the Siberian Branch of the Russian Academy of Sciences.But a mysterious white horse found not far from the first 'chest' on Black Mountain was carved in the rock and is well preserved - yet scientists suggest that this petroglyph appeared 16,000 years ago, during the Ice Age, establishing this as a site of human activity over many millennia.It was 'the home of gods, great artists and sky watchers', said the professor. There are also burial mounds and other manmade constructions - including irrigation channels - which have yet to be fully investigated.At the end, she is trying desperately to understand his reasoning and figure it out. - Listen to what he is saying and do not try to make it what you want to hear. You want someone who will jump over the fence to be with you, not sit on it. Accept that you might not ever understand and that the reasons don't really matter; the end result is the same, he doesn't want what you want. Let things unfold naturally and don't force things.If he is telling you he doesn't know what he wants, take that at face value and don't put your life on hold while he is trying to decide. You might be doing yourself and the relationship an injustice.

Pictures: Alexey Kuptsov It was 3,500 years ago that the first known sundials existed, found by archeologists in ancient Egypt.Our pictures show the stunning primevil beauty of this place, far from modern city life, but many millennia ago it was perhaps at the apex of civilisation.Some have even speculated that Hyperborea, known from Greek mythology, may have been here in the modern Republic of Khakassia.As hurtful as it may be, he might not feel the same way and doesn't know how to tell you. - Last but not least, don't put your heart in the path of hurt.If he only wants to be friends and you still have feelings for him, save the palling around for when you have been able to hit the reset button on your feelings.

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